“Agile marketing engine” : concept, business gains, digital execution

Agile marketing powered by digital platforms, data, and AI can help businesses be more responsive to changes in the market and customer needs, iterate a business continuously, improve collaboration among marketing teams, and foster a more adaptive and experimental approach to marketing.

Based on lots of experience with startups, corporate startups, and mid to large enterprises, I’m reflecting in this post on the benefits of agile marketing and what it takes to build an “agile marketing engine”. That engine is part of my ADAPT value chain at the bottom of this post, and one of the components in my 5C-Framework™ for guiding business development and transformation.

ADAPT resources


Measure and improve digital capabilities across marketing, sales, customer experience, and other functions, get guidance via a cockpit and my support.


Get my support or facilitation to elaborate strategies for transforming or developing your business. With advanced methods and interactive tools.


Get my guidance for designing and driving your marketing activation or transformation project in agile collaborative ways.


Get my guidance for building your agile marketing engine with relevant platforms and tools, and for driving your business forward.


On-premise or remote training on modern marketing and digital strategies, with interactive models, in collaboration with Management Centre Europe.