Marketing alignment with the OGSM model

The OGSM model is a framework for aligning business objectives with marketing efforts. It involves four key components as follows.
Objectives: the broad, long-term goals that the organisation wants to achieve. Goals: the specific, measurable targets that support the achievement of the objectives. Strategies: The actions or plans that will be taken to achieve the goals. Measures: the metrics that will be used to track progress towards the goals.

To align marketing with the OGSM model, you would need to ensure that your marketing efforts are focused on supporting the achievement of the organisation’s objectives and goals. This might involve setting specific marketing goals that are aligned with the overall business objectives, developing strategies that are designed to achieve those goals, and tracking progress using the appropriate metrics.

By aligning marketing with the OGSM model, you can ensure that your marketing efforts are focused on the most important priorities for the organisation and that you are able to track and measure the results of those efforts effectively.

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