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web design and digital
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Business contexts

Corporate | SME | New Business

Business development and transformation

  • New value proposition

  • New business model

  • New business scaling

  • Digital business platforms

  • Remote collaboration

Marketing-sales activation and drive

  • Brand and product portfolio

  • Web and content design

  • Marketing-sales channels

  • Marketing-sales automation

  • Internationalisation

Impact examples

Corporate | SME | New Business


Samsung Germany

Discover how I helped transform lagging Samsung into absolute leading TV brand in Germany, in record times.

read the case

Web Business EU/US
Product Marketing

1&1 Internet AG

Discover how I drove the online business in Europe and North America at 1&1, a German Internet global player.

read the case

Global Scaling of
Managed Services

Agfa Healthcare IT Services

Discover how I helped scale
a new division of IT services.

read the case

Corporate Venture

FleetPulse, by Bridgestone

Discover how I helped develop a digital venture on quick agile bases.

read the case

Marketing Factory
for Digital Ventures

Bridgestone EMEA Digital Unit

Discover how I helped reinvent marketing to serve digital ventures alongside core business lines.

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Inbound System

SME Software (SaaS)

Discover how I helped a software company accelerate their sales & launches with a marketing-sales engine.

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Remote Creative
Business Design

Corp SME Startups

Discover how I help business owners and teams iterate their business ideas into augmented plans with advanced tools on a remote basis.

check a new forward

Smart Dashboards
with Tableau

Colruyt International Retail

Discover how I helped a major retailer turn big datasets into decision-making assets.

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    Digital activation

    Examples of executions

    Digital marketing factory »

    Since 2010 I’ve tested and assembled lots of marketing-sales apps, that I’ve used and implemented in professional contexts. They cover a broad scope of all that is needed today to develop and nurture a business: agile project, CRM, automation, web and content design, social media interactions, SEO and campaigns, testing and analytics, dashboards, intelligence.

    Websites and Ecommerce »

    For 12 years I’ve been busy with web design. At 1&1 Internet AG, a key job as global marketing leader was to maximise the efficiency of 5 large US/EU ecommerce websites. Further, I’ve led the dev or co-designed sites for SMEs + corp. As an independent I’ve built websites with WordPress in deep details.

    Business dashboards with Tableau »

    For a leading mass retailer, I’ve designed and implemented realtime dashboards with the power of Tableau, leveraging big data from a diversity of containers into decision-making assets. I’ve designed in such a way that CxOs and managers can deep dive into any data to understand the underlying facts, with a diversity of visualisations.

    read the case

    Collaborative digital marketing boards »

    With extensive experience as marketing leader (multinationals/SMEs) and with continuous research, I've developed a set of 30+ marketing canvases organised in collaborative spaces. With my guidance, teams meet and co-design, iterate, their marketing strategies into relevant activities. It can be turned into a consistent marketing-sales platform with relevant activation tools.

    Digital venture agile development »

    I’ve co-led the fast development of a digital venture inside a traditional corporation, with agile and design thinking methods, iterating within a year IoT/web/mobile solutions, digital channels (website, helpdesk, shared media) and new processes, with a show case at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt.

    read the case

    Business design thinking with Miro »

    Since 2017 I’ve focused on bringing brainstorming sessions to new levels via connected visual design platforms and virtual project rooms. With 60+ interactive frameworks that I’ve developed to cover most usual challenges (strategy, market focus, UX, value prop, pricing models, marketing etc), I bring a holistic solution to accelerate projects on a remote basis from any device.

    check a new way forward

    Training programme on digital transformation »

    With lots of practice and research, I've developed a 5-day training programme on digital transformation for AMA-MCE Management Centre Europe

    check my programme on digital transfo.

    Digital transformation framework and tools »

    Based on lots of practice and research, I've crafted this framework and developed associated tools, to help clarify digital transformation and to support companies in their journey.

    check my framework and tools

    Social media and content design »

    I started blogging in 2008, at that time with the Typepad platform. Since then, I’ve further developed my skills in crafting online channels with a large toolbox. My latest development in progress is a channel focusing on marketing, digital transformation, design thinking and connected collaboration.

    Online helpdesk with Freshdesk »

    For FleetPulse, a venture by Bridgestone EMEA, I’ve developed the entire online assistance and the internal back-end to assist prospects and customers, with user experience, business efficiency and lean resources in mind. From business analysis, to platform selection (FreshDesk), to technical implementation and customisation, to web and content design.

    E-learning platform »

    For my own business and customers, I’ve built an advanced elearning platform. It combines learning modules with multimedia content and interactive visual design canvases, to put learnings into individual or collaborative design practice… explore, design, activate. Other functionalities include virtual meetings and events, gamification, and certifications.

    360° digital readiness assessments »

    Digital acceleration is now. Getting the direction might take months of discussion, hesitation, heavy budgets, for the holistic view: where to go, what to do now, next. It might not… Here I’ve been partnering on a community driven platform solution for 360° deep diagnostics. I’m acting as specialist for marketing strategy, executions, and business transformation.

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