I'm an international trainer for
marketing & digital strategies


I help managers to develop their digital practice and culture

Sharing knowledge and new approaches with passion and experience, supporting with visual materials & digital tools


25 years of International
Business Experience


Overall Management of
Business Lines & Marketing


Business Development
and Digital Strategies


Business Transformation
and Digital Projects




ESCP Business School, MIT + Columbia (Innovation & Digital) ...

Business Transformation and Digital Strategies
Programmes via Management Centre Europe

I've designed and lead those certifying programmes for managers. They focus on digital strategies, marketing/cx, transformation.

AMA-MCE is a leading provider of international management development services in the EMEA region.

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My subjects

Marketing and CX

The speed of change in marketing is huge and many companies are not up to the game to perform in the digital economy. Updates are necessary to adjust the status quo and to gain insights in latest trends. That's where I jump in and help, as a veteran in all facets of marketing and customer experience (CX)

Business Models

More than innovative products, innovative business models become essential nowadays : new successful companies are often those that bring platform, ecosystem, data centric and other innovative models. Based on solid experience with innovative companies across multiple industries, and based on new academics like MIT Platform Business Model Design, I bring models, cases and insights to help companies shift their existing model and explore new ones.

Business Growth

Agile business growth is very much about exploring new potentials, testing and validating assumptions in new quick ways and cycles, before making major investment decisions. Too few companies are ready for the new game to survive and grow in VUCA times. With experience & solid academics, I bring clarity and insights on how to develop an agile marketing & sales culture and on how to make things happen.


Digital transformation is a must to survive and prosper in the digital economy. The subject is everywhere and high on CEOs' agenda. A strong adoption by all managers and their teams is necessary to make it happen. I bring clarity in six domains of transformation: customer centricity, new marketing, new business models, new work style, agile innovation, datasets into business assets.

Value Proposition

Design solid value is more important than ever to succeed in complex business worlds. The way value should be designed has significantly changed : not so much anymore about coming up with a product but more about solving pains and derive into fast prototypes before scaling into products. Another key point is focus on less for more impact. With long product management experience & new practices, I bring clarity, examples and guidance to design solid value propositions.


While branding is there to encapsulate the overall value of companies, it's still not sufficiently tuned and lived across many companies. Further, the way brands should behave has changed dramatically in a world where users are the boss, not the brands. With solid marketing experience and academics, I bring clarity in how to architect a brand and get it embraced by collaborators, and how to interact in new ways with audiences in digital times.

Design Thinking

Winning companies like Apple, Virgin, Toyota and others, innovate continuously with their culture of design thinking. They integrate the needs of people, possibilities of technology and requirements for business success and blend the perspectives of marketing, design and engineering into a systematic approach to delivering innovation. Based on MIT learnings (Design thinking for innovative products and services) and own experience, I bring clarity and guidance in product and marketing areas.

Digital Collaboration

Using new digital ways helps enjoy more results and less pains in our daily life, as individuals or groups. With two decades in using a wide range of new generation tools and systems, I guide into a broad range across various areas of self productivity and team collaboration. Topics include: read & learn better, organise, do, plan, activate, brainstorm, design, picture, write, interact, go online, market yourself or products.

Supporting with custom materials, interactive platforms, digital tools

I design visual materials, to inspire and bring complex topics in easy ways for all,
and bring digital interactivity to foster collaboration and brainstorming

Multimedia Content

Inspiring slides, ebooks, flyers, videos
focusing on specific topics


Image : ebook designed for Management
Centre Europe on new marketing practices

Blog and Articles

Setting up a blog and writing articles on
business topics e.g. marketing, digital 


Image : own blog, mobile responsive.
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Interactive Models

Fast growing library of 100+ business
mapping/design thinking frameworks


Image : business mapping/design models
embedded in a collaborative platform

Digital Platforms

E-learning, connected workshops,
web pages, interactive UX


Image : elearning platform with embedded
business models for exercising resp. capstone

introducing a new remote format: business mapping

Blurring the lines between learning, brainstorming, and design

I've developed this new format with a focus on branding, product and customer value,
digital marketing, business modelling, as shown below. It could be used for other topics

check it out


superior customer-relevant value


efficiently with relevant audiences


more value by driving performance


in agile ways with more digital & data


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